No Regrets About Fighting for Equal Treatment: US Women Hockey Team

The U.S. ladies’ national hockey group is months from vieing for the gold award at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The U.S. ladies’ national hockey group is months from vieing for the gold award at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. However, it has not been a simple street to arrive, particularly while battling for an indistinguishable rights from male competitors. At the Team USA Media Summit in Park City, Utah, this week, the impressive competitors stood up about their long fight against USA Hockey, the representing assemblage of ice hockey in the U.S., for level with advantages, and why they believe they settled on the correct decision to push for what’s correct.

Following a months-in length fight, the group achieved a four-year concurrence with USA Hockey in March that would furnish the group with a portion of the assets they had been already denied. The terms incorporated a yearly pay of about $70,000 per player (however players don’t have official pay rates, this incorporates things like preparing stipends), execution rewards of $20,000 for a gold award and $15,000 for silver at the Olympics, and promoting and advertising changes, ESPN revealed.

Preceding the understanding, the ladies did not win not as much as the men, as per USA Today, however there were critical contrasts in a portion of the terms of their agreements. For example, the ladies did not get a similar travel courses of action and protection scope as the U.S. men’s national hockey group. CNN Money detailed that the USA Hockey players handbook expresses that the men’s hockey group went in business class, while the ladies flew standard class. The men were permitted to bring a visitor while contending in big showdown diversions, yet the ladies couldn’t and, truth be told, needed to share lodging rooms with a partner. USA Hockey additionally paid for the men’s incapacity protection scope, yet not for the ladies’ group.

USA Hockey additionally did not bolster the young ladies’ formative groups. ESPN announced that the young men’s formative program, an adolescent preparing camp keep running by USA Hockey that gives on and off ice training, gets $3.5 million. Likewise, USA Hockey gives $1.4 million to the United States Hockey League, a best level rivalry alliance for 16 to 20-year-old young men. There was no such program for young ladies, USA Today detailed.

On March 17, USA Hockey issued an announcement clarifying the distinctions in money related help. “Essentially, USA Hockey does not pay players a pay—ladies or men—and rather gives preparing stipends and support to help put competitors that take an interest on our national groups in the most ideal position to vie for a gold decoration,” the gathering said. They explained further:

“From the beginning, USA Hockey has been clear it won’t utilize players; nonetheless, that does not mean USA Hockey is against a yearly assention which diagrams distribution of direct competitor bolster and other preparing assets that USA Hockey will give to players. USA Hockey has moved its offer fundamentally throughout the present transactions and trusts its offer is practically identical or superior to any league that supporters ladies’ ice hockey.”

The national hockey association is presently on the correct way toward greater correspondence between the men and ladies’ groups. In any case, the U.S. ladies’ hockey group said it took a very long time of crusading via web-based networking media and boycotting diversions for the female players to at last kick things off on a reasonable arrangement. The ladies joined together for a web-based social networking effort called #BeBoldforChange to convey attention to their battles. Knight said the group chose to promote their battle after very little advance was made at the arrangement table with USA Hockey.

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